Studying a three-year course in Natural History and Scientific Illustration taught me a range of illustration techniques, but I was most enamoured with watercolour. I did and still do find its fluidity and diverse properties to be the perfect vehicle to show nature’s ever-changing and wide-ranging elements. After qualifying, I spent several years as an illustrator with a London agency which developed my skills, yet I was drawn towards greater influence over my work, which in turn led me to pursue a career as an artist where I could utilise my skills and creativity to their fullest.

A growing fascination with the ease and readiness of plants as a subject spurred me to specialise in botanical painting; I found recording the intricate forms and vibrant colour of natural objects a captivating task. I became a member and fellow of the Society of Botanical Artists in 2010 and received an RHS Silver-Gilt medal in the same year for botanical painting.

In subsequent years, I have grown to explore a more interpretative expression, focused less on specific forms but more on recording the colour and movement in my subjects. While my botanical work has shifted to include the broader landscape, I intend to keep my work embedded in watercolour while enhancing it with other mediums and styles. I endeavour to record all subjects as I see them and to not only produce images, but work that also holds the emotion nature invokes.

The focus of my career is always going to be creating paintings that represent my experiences with the natural landscape, not only recording but weaving in my interpretation of light, contrast, movement, and structure to converse with the natural beauty I find through the medium of art.
I live and work predominantly in South Derbyshire, and I have also developed a teaching career alongside my independent work to share my knowledge and skills with students through the tuition I offer.


To contact me for work or tuition enquiries, I can be reached through this email:

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